Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Hi I’m Elora Murray and welcome to the Fusion
360 News Network. Today we are having a digital showdown, it’s inbound marketing vs content
marketing.To start, let’s define inbound marketing. This type of marketing is about
bringing prospective clients in rather than reaching out to them via interruptive messages.Content
marketing is considered to be a subset of inbound marketing. Content marketing is about
creating high-quality, relevant content that connects with consumers throughout the buying
process.Rather than being polar opposites, inbound marketing and content marketing are
more like two sides of the same coin. Both exist to naturally entice consumers through
relevant, quality content. Now let’s look at some inbound marketing techniques.

of these include speaking appearances and book publishing. Some content marketing techniques
include blog posts, video content, white papers and link building.Now let’s look at some
distinctions between the two types of marketing. Inbound marketing focuses more on sales-marketing
alignment and is more data focused. Content marketing can incorporate traditionally printed
and distributed branded content. Out reach to digital influencers falls more under content
marketing.In the end, the differences between inbound and content marketing are less important
than the overall goal of creating the kind of appropriate, high quality content that
brings consumers to your brand. That’s it for our newscast today. Thanks for joining
us at the Fusion 360 News Network. I’m Elora Murray, have a great day..

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