How To Promote A Beauty Business Using Video Marketing. Affordable & Quick Videos

hello my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I'm going to explain how you can promote your beauty therapy skincare wellness hair or nail business with video marketing for several years I was the webmaster for beauty Bible com I used to update the site with new material each week and prepare the mail shots you can read a testimonial from the owners Joe and Sarah on my business home page red spam calm now for anyone already in the business of beauty or just starting out getting known and attracting new customers is vitally important you need to establish a client base made up of customers who return for further treatments but you also need to find new customers because people move on as circumstances in their lives change so of course your marketing needs to be effective and good value for money a video in the format you're looking at now is a very useful tool in your marketing toolbox it's also very affordable and you pay for it only once no more repeat invoices from the marketing agency you can embed your video in your website you can share it repeatedly in social media you can add a copy to your Facebook page and of course it's forever there for anyone to find on YouTube you have complete control of the script and the images used you choose the narration style a man or a woman and the accent you could have one or multiple videos to showcase different services or product ranges so contact me now on Ben at red spam calm or call zero one three two nine two eight six one six nine let's have a no-obligation chat and see if there's some way I can help you to promote your beauty business video marketing does work and it's good value for money

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