Stop wasting time when you’re learning to code!

when you’re learning to code do you ever feellike you’re stuck learning the same thing over and over again? you might watch a tutorial videoand by the end you feel like you kind of get it but when the next day goes around you’ve no cluehow any of it acts anymore so you have to go back and re-watch the tutorial but regrettably thispattern impedes repeating you might feel like none of this knowledge is actually sticking in yourbrain and it can get very frustrating to feel like you’re not getting anywhere so in thisvideo I’m going to cover some common dangers that might be tripping you up and justification youto waste time when you’re learning to code now as a rejection keep in mind that thereare no magical shortcuts that will transform you overnight into a coding professional I know, evenwith good understand procedures it’s still going to take time to go from a amateur make to amore advanced one alright let’s get into the tips-off the first one is don’t learn things randomlyfigure out a road map to follow if you’re jumping around trying to learn git one day CSS customproperties the next and javascript promises on the third you may be setting yourself up for a lotof hardship instead of picking things at random to learn look for a structured path that you canfollow one itinerary you can use is a video on my canal announced learn network developed for absolutebeginners it shows you a simplified roadmap of the primary sciences that you’ll need to learn and theorder to learn them in you can also go through an online bootcamp curriculum like FreeCodeCamp, Zeroto Mastery or Ania Kubw’s 12 hour bootcamp on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.The benefit of followinga pre-made path is that you’ll know what you need to learn and when and as you go from one stair tothe next you’ll be able to see your progress and feel like you’re actually getting somewhere now asyou’re following your track you might be invited to try to learn multiple things at the same time inorder to get through everything more quickly but doing this may actually part your attentionand make it harder for that knowledge to affix so tip number two is don’t try to learn everythingall at once but focus on learning one thing at a time I recommend staying on one subject untilyou feel you have a decent grasp of the basics at least when you’re starting out for examplelet’s say you’re learning html first immediately you feel like you know most of the common labels and canbuild a very basic html web page you can move on to learning CSS then in the future if you comeacross an html call that you’re not familiar with you can take some time to learn about thatspecific tag tip number three be an active learner don’t simply passively consume material sittingback and watching an instructor go through the material without trying anything yourself is notgoing to get you very far instead “ve been trying to” do some combination of taking a new information and thentrying it yourself in real life for example I went through Wes Bos’s CSS grid route back when I wasfirst understand better grid what I did was I would watch the video and try to code along with westhrough the lessons if I didn’t fully understand something I would go back and watch it again andafter each instruction I would pause the course and try to build the lesson precedents on my own withoutlooking back as much as possible this trying to create what you’ve just learned without looking atthe source code is a great way to see how much you actually remember and it’ll very quickly helpyou identify the weak points in your learning so you can then go back and fill it in after thecourse was done I felt like I had a basic comprehend of CSS grid but I wouldn’t consider myself anexpert by any definition and I think that’s okay because I could try to use grid when buildingwebsite schemes and if I ever got stuck on anything I could refer back to the course orother assets like Mozilla Developer Network learning brand-new skills and coding is a combinationof learning the knowledge and putting it into practice which imparts me to tip-off multitude four don’tjust memorize nonsense retain back in school when you were learning vocabulary words and historydates you might have studied registers of facts and memorized them so that you could regurgitatethem for testing and quizzes now I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of rote memorizationhowever trying to learn html by time memorizing inventories of all the html tags is not going to be veryeffective coding is an relevant skill not only a accumulation of abstract points patently you do needto be able to remember things in order to use them but you’re going to learn flexbox a lot fasterif you explore all the different dimensions by wants to play in a code write for one or two days asopposed to merely memorizing the definition of flex grow no web make is going to know everythingoff the top of their manager I can attest to this as someone who worked in the industry for a longtime and is cooperating with other professional makes we all employed Google or DuckDuckGo if you careabout your privacy to look up stuff forever in a way Stack Overflow, MDN, and CSS Tricksbecome kind of like an extension of your ability the goals and targets of all this is to be able to buildwebsites and if you need to look up stuff along the way that’s perfectly fine everyonedoes it and that makes me to tip-off number five structure substance I know everyone says this but itreally is the best way to learn coding watching lessons and going through tracks is thebeginning not the end of learning network developing at my first network dev chore I would be given aproject like building a arrival sheet with a button and getting it to submit to a database now sincethis was my job I had to build it I didn’t really have a choice and oftentimes I’ll be given a taskthat I had no mind how to do spooky right the only solution was to jump liberty in and try my best Iwould look stuff up and try things on my own and seek help when I truly was poke even thoughthe process of figuring this all out may have been very painful at times it was all worth it inthe end when I got to look at my finished website and this is one big benefit of learning bybuilding jobs having a tangible aim in front of you is great because when you reach ityou’ll feel like you’ve really achieved something if you’re looking for project plans don’t worrybecause there are tons of them on the internet search for things like “javascript projectideas” or “react project ideas” you get the picture and personally I always for front-end projects that are also great additions to your portfolio I’vebuilt a few Frontend Mentor projects on my canal and if you’re interested you can check outBuilding a Responsive Website from Scratch and most recently, Building a SocialMedia Dashboard with a Dark/ Light Toggle and if you do watch these don’t forget tocode along with me as you watch anyway if you’re currently learning to code I reallyhope that this video has be useful for you let me know down in the comments what you thoughtand if you have any more tips that you met beneficial feel free to share those as well so thanksfor watching and we’ll see you in the next one 🙂

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